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The perfect bachelorette party how to throw one

Your best friend is getting married and you are the first to be informed of the big news. You are probably also her maid of honor. Congratulations! You have the task of organizing her the perfect bachelorette party and live up to what is expected of you.

If a few years ago the “EVJF” (enterrement de vie de jeune fille) were rather pretexted to embarrass the future bride with various pledges and absurd disguises, they are transformed today to take on a little more elegant and delicate event. The days of the stereotypical male stripper on the hen night are well gone as women realized they are not interested in having the same type of party men do, and are more into group interaction. It is above all the opportunity to meet for a fun time between girls. So alternatives like spa, sporting, group games, wine and food tasting, destination parties became more popular. What better way for a bride-to-be to say goodbye to her life as a “bachelorette” than to escape for a few days for an all-girls’ weekend?

So, if you do not have the inspiration to organize the most perfect bachelor party, here are some ideas that will certainly help you. But do not forget, this party is for the bride-to-be so make sure you know what she wants, likes and dislikes!

A weekend between girls

This is an opportunity for the bride to spend a special moment with her most faithful close friends and escape the stress of the organization of her marriage. So first step: sit down with the other bridesmaids/friends and decide on a particular date. The bachelorette party is typically one to two months before the wedding. Then decide on budget, responsibilities, and activities.

Location and theme

Will it be an in-town or out-town reunion? Surprise the future bride and take her to a destination that is unknown to her and keep the secret until you arrive at the location. Look into staying together instead of individual rooms: connecting suites in a beautiful hotel, private villa or even go “glamping”. Once there, concoct to your friend the program of her dreams for a weekend she will remember for a long time!

A creative afternoon

The bride does not hold up? Although some time at the spa is still very appreciated, think of including also something creative and spend the afternoon with girls to use your fingers to do wonders. A calligraphy class to write name tags on dinner tables, a workshop to make bridesmaids’ flower wreaths or even a cooking class that can culminate with a nice dinner party. All of these steps mean something new and enjoyable for the bride and will give you all a chance to connect through art.

A photo shoot full of madness

Many photographers are specialized in “EVJF” photoshoots. This is an opportunity for the bride and her friends to keep a nice memory of this day and to overcome the lack of photos between friends on the wedding day. Think of Squad uniforms: T-shirts, sneakers, sunglasses, hats…Your pictures will turn out better! At the end of this photoshoot, take the initiative as her maid of honor, to offer her a nice album compiling all the clichés, which will be an addition to the wedding album a few weeks later.

Above all, give yourself timeouts; do not multiply activities at the risk of doing too much and not enjoying your weekend! And even if you do not organize a particular activity, the goal is to have a good time and chat with girlfriends, so nothing like a simple dinner, brunch or snack for it!