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The 5 most trendy wedding dress styles to wear on your special day

Congratulations, you’re newly-engaged! Your big day is in the wind, the veil of destiny brazenly unraveling. Now comes the most exciting and daunting part – searching for the perfect wedding gown!

But how to choose the wedding dress that suits your body type and best compliment your personal aesthetic when there are literally hundreds of options and confusing terminology to pick from?

The list of gowns we put up here is only meant to help you surf through the basics of the 5 most popular and trending wedding dresses styles. We will make it simple and not get into the detailing of necklines, veils, embellishments, statements sleeves or other.

Now, you might already have an idea on how your bridal gown will look. But we strongly advise you to work with your stylist. He/she will help you find the one that will best flatter your figure, reflect your personality, and have you radiating with total confidence.

And let’s not forget that as gorgeous as a gown might look, you need to ask yourself when you are trying it on: Do I feel beautiful and confident? Can I dance in it? Can I sit down? If you don’t feel comfortable and can’t move -and remember you will have to for hours- then it’s certainly not the right one for you.

So let’s start now. Which wedding dress style is for you?

Ballgown or princess style

Ball gowns are the most classic wedding dress for the bride picturing the traditional fairytale wedding of Cinderella and who wants to make a dramatic statement.

The fitted bodice with the long dreamy gowns of fabric and layers of underskirts and tulle descending in a beautiful bell shape is undoubtedly a timeless favorite.

Paired up with flats or heels, you know the night’s your scarlet evening shroud. This style is ideal for mid-height or taller brides with a straight body shape who can carry all the volume in the skirt. It also flatters the pear body shape since it hides the lower part.

Dress: Oscar De la Renta

The mermaid/fishtail/trumpet gown

Different names for one same style, these glamourous gowns are ideal for brides looking to show off their curves.

A right choice for the hourglass body shape as they will highlight your curves by giving a sexy definition to the waist and bust and make you look gorgeous.

They provide a feminine, alluring silhouette flaring out from downwards to play the illusion of a longer torso with a train that can either be voluminous or soft.

Although very sophisticated, this style of dress could also look great for beach weddings or more casual venues with a lighter fabric.

Dress: Zuhair Murad

A-line dress

A-line wedding dresses have fitted bodices through the waist and then flair out naturally to the floor, creating a classic and unbroken silhouette that makes you look sleek and sexy. Slightly more flowy than a ball gown, they still have that sublime princess dress shape. Flattering for all brides, they are the perfect choice when you want a minimalist silhouette yet giving that piercing glisten to your beauty.

Dress: Elie Saab

The sheath or column gown

For the tall and slim figures or petite bride alike, this style of wedding dress falls straight down from your shoulders to hip line creating a sleek and polished silhouette and can easily pull off free-flow stitch without drowning in it.

Sometimes a slight flare is added, tapering at the heels to become a long trail for an elegant and classic look.

This type of dress can make you appear taller and more slender, which makes it an advantage for any bride!

Dress: Vera Wang

Empire line gown

Ethereal and elegant, the Empire line dresses gather just under the bust while the rest of the dress flows gently down to the hem.

They are wonderful for almost all figure shapes and particularly for petite brides who want to appear taller as they lengthen the silhouette while highlighting and defining the bust. However, this style is not flattering if you are large-breasted, so you better avoid it.

Dress: Giambattista Valli