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On-trend "planned" elopement weddings

Are you the unconventional couple? Is having a big wedding with half of your guests’ list being complete strangers too daunting and stressful for you?

Are you both thinking of romance and an event that will be about just the two of you and maybe some of your closest family and friends?

Elopement was always associated with “running off and getting married”

But nowadays we have seen it turning more into a romantic and intimate event for couples who, for one reason or another, choose not to have a big wedding. It is currently referred to as a “small wedding”, “destination elopement”, “luxury elopement” or as the New York Times defined it as an “Elaborate Weddings, Minus the Guests”

Let us admit it: wedding planning can be chaotic, stressful and daunting. A couple may find it easy to decide to just drop everything and elope. For many of them, the idea of a traditional wedding with bells and whistles simply is not a good fit. Their wedding day is supposed to be about them and only them. Sometimes planning feels too overwhelming and they would rather prefer to focus on themselves.

Lately, we have seen an increase in the trend for millennials to elope and have a fancy wedding on their own without the hassle of planning an event for many guests

Elopement weddings continue to grow in popularity for their sense of intimacy, adventure and beauty to enchant, not only millennials, but also couples who are not anymore in their 20’s or are in their 2nd marriage.

Here is the scenario: The bride and groom search for a stunning destination wedding venue for their ceremony, book travel plans and shop in secret for the perfect wedding dress and a dashing suit. With the help of a planner, they will have every small detail they want to include in their personalized wedding taken care of.

And the best part is that this day is not about wedding etiquette or regulations. There is no rule and this is the exciting and fun side of the elopement.
Whether it is informal or lavish, it is all about what THEY want to do!

And what if the couple dream of Italy as their wedding destination?

There are many stunning locations for this kind of event. Rome, the eternal city, Venice with its romantic canals, the elegant shores of a private villa on Lake Como, or the beautiful and charming island of Capri. And as seasons do not really matter, you can even get married in winter on the top of a snowy mountain! And what about combining your elopement destination with a honeymoon by taking a few days to discover the land of Amore?

I must admit…I do like to cater to “destination elopement”. It is such a personalized event and it does create an intimate and a special relation with the couple because you get to be one of the happy few to witness their romantic escapade.

There is no limit to your desires and wishes

Just Amore Weddings by Anna K. is dedicated to make your “small wedding” extremely special with romance, food, wine and pampering. Even if it is just you and your partner, I encourage you to indulge in every bridal aspect of the day as if you have hundreds of guests!

You can enjoy personalized attention with privacy and romance in the air, with orchid or purple flowers sprinkled at the wedding venue, a solo musician, a photographer to capture your personal moments for life, a romantic supper in a gorgeous fine-dining restaurant with a stunning view and a two-tier cake. Like I said … a blend of “wedding and honeymoon”.

I recently planned an elopement ceremony for a couple in Rome. They were just the two of them and both at their 2nd marriage, with one unique focus:

to treat themselves to a perfect day and have a photographer whose task was to create a beautiful portrait session in most of the historical places in the gorgeous capital of Italy.

Even if it was an elopement, their day had to be specially memorable. The bride requested the service of a professional hair and make-up stylist. We had her bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere designed by our florist. They insisted on having a proper celebration ceremony with an officiant and a cello musician. They had prepared their vows, had chosen a reading and picked up their wedding rings. The location was a beautiful courtyard of a Renaissance palace and it was utterly romantic.

My team and I encouraged the photographer to capture intimate moments with memorable photos.
Just after the ceremony and before the photo session, our bride insisted to have an authentic “Italian gelato”. She even asked to hop on a “motorino”!

Although elopement weddings usually convey the idea of last- minute arrangements, a minimal amount of notice and planning with romance and Amore is generally inherent

Later that night, we organized a fancy dinner in a Michelin-star restaurant with a stunning view of Rome.

They subsequently stayed 3 days in the capital where we booked for them VIP private tours. One of them was to tour the Vatican Museum and the Sixteen chapel after hours so they can be alone while admiring all the masterpieces.

We had also arranged for the couple the rest of their itinerary: A Tuscany tour and a 2-night stay in Venice. Everything was carefully well-organized.

Now, here is a guideline you could follow to make the best of your decision

Some couples will elope and have their mom, dad, brothers and sisters with them. Some might even invite along few friends that mean a lot to them while some prefer to have this moment just for the two of them.

If you have no intention of having your close parents with you on your wedding day, I recommend telling them – preferably in person – before you elope so they do not feel hurt and unwanted on your big day. Explain clearly, with lots of love, your reasons for doing it. You could even ask them to participate in your elopement. Regardless…do expect some parental disappointment.

My advice to those couples is to have a lunch or a dinner celebration when they get back from their elopement that includes close family members and friends. A nice touch would be to hold a viewing of your wedding photos and video at the gathering to share and relive your special day with them.

The next step is to hire a wedding planner if you are going for a destination elopement

A planner is essential to guide you, have all the details covered and help you mainly in the following:

-Navigating through the legal requirements of having a valid marriage abroad. Another option would be to have your legal wedding in your home country and then organize a romantic symbolic ceremony

-Sourcing a good photographer/videographer. A professional from the area would know the best spots to capture amazing photos

-Hiring a hair and a make-up stylist. Even if it is “just” an elopement, who says you cannot go the extra mile for your look?

-Finding a good celebrant and a solo musician that will play your favorite music while you read your vows and exchange rings

-Booking a special celebration to end your day in a splendid way

-Helping in planning sightseeing tours and an impeccable honeymoon to experience an extraordinary start of married life together.

Elopement weddings are absolutely romantic and incredibly intimate.
Just Amore will truly inspire your couple and deliver a personalized wedding for just the two of you that will set the tone for your own traditions as a married couple.