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Inspiration for a royal-like wedding

“Essere innamorati” will never be out of style in wedding books. Each love story is unique and special. Yours is your favorite, we are sure.

And if this is the case, you want your destination wedding in Italy to be one of the most memorable event of your life, especially if you want to throw the royal vibes in each element of your planning journey. This piece presents our ideas and trends to inspire your nuptials with Italy as your wedding destination.

And with Just Amore Weddings by Anna K. at your side, we will replicate your vision into a reality that will surpass your dreams.

With two royal weddings in 2018 behind us,

throwing a gorgeous ceremony and having a big wedding party seem to be all the raving trend for the 2019 bride and groom.

Larger-than-life firework scenes… personalized signature cocktails…eco-friendly options…lots of greenery… Let us inspire you with Amore.

But first, what do we mean by the word “royal”? Magnificent and splendid are two adjectives that usually explain best the attributes of this word. So when it comes to planning your upcoming nuptials in a grandiose style, Just Amore has the right recipe for you.

Italy has an abundance of locations where there is textured glass, ornamental details,reminiscent of the splendor elements of this country.

The design and event preparation starts with your wedding dress.

Make a grand entrance with a simple and sophisticated wedding dress with a timeless style and a neutral clean makeup to enhance your beautiful features and that splash of a dreamy complexion.

A sleek and sophisticated wedding dress with minimal embellishments topped with a glamorous veil is just what you need. The long dreamy veil will give you the elegant and majestic feel needed. A simple but solemn bouquet will complement your beautiful attire.

And why not top off your entrance with a four horse-drawn carriage?

At the heart of your wedding event, Just Amore will also take care of adding strokes of rich colors and texture, from royal blue to sumptuous red or velvet hues for your reception and table-top décor.

Our team will also explode their creative side to give you the perfect backdrop for your wedding and will combine flowers, linen, china, and vases to set a solemn tone.

Taking into consideration the space of the reception, the arrangement will be opulent and posh for your wedding.

For the bride who has a wealthy and sophisticated flair, we recommend the rose gold palette to give the foundation of royalty. We can, for example, suggest a 112-foot-long “imperial” table setting designed to resemble banquets held during royal festivities. They can be set up with a modern vision of crystal and gold chandeliers surrounding your main wedding table.The cream off-white palette allows eye-catching accent colors and we usually suggest infusing gold accents or a deep shade of purple.

Of course, you can always experiment with luxurious extravaganza:

crystal chandeliers, marble floors, mirrors, and glass effect all add to that royal-inspired wedding. For this extra feel, hotel ballrooms and sumptuous villa locations make up a suitable venue thanks to their significant grandeur for your dream wedding destination in the heart of Europe.

You can also introduce few décor touches with dinnerware and decorative accents such as printed or embroidered drink ware.

For that additional flair, style your invitations and incorporate persona logos. If your guests are coming from different countries, we suggest bridging the cultural tastes and introducing flavors from Italian delicacies.

Don’t forget vintage Italian champagne. Why don’t you begin your night with a champagne tower instead of the immediate wedding cake?

You can always ask for your wedding cake with only a handful of fresh flowers for a simple, royal effect.

Then you can personalize your drinks with some creativity and name them with your personal name and that of your hubby.

Or embrace a sit-down dinner with black-tie and a menu that includes some delicious Italian dishes with a food station while embracing the local menu of the Italian town. For something extra and royal, you can always wear a fancy headpiece at your dinner after the wedding ceremony.