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All about rustic weddings

Rustic weddings have never looked so chic. It incorporates country and vintage ideas into the ceremony and reception. Although the trend has been kicking around for a while now, it is not going anywhere. Infused with a modern twist, it is popular among couples who want a laid-back wedding in the countryside with a cool, calm vibe.

The possibilities of making your big day classic yet memorable are endless with rustic weddings. However, if you want to detail what type of features or color themes are used in a rustic wedding, mentioned below are the details for a better understanding.

What is a rustic wedding?

Rustic weddings have a notion of being a countryside, garden-themed, or farm-like wedding. They are also associated with eco-friendly weddings because of their close association with nature.

The theme “Rustic” is applied to weddings connected to nature with an understated design that enhances beautiful surroundings through an outdoor venue or by incorporating natural or nature-inspired elements. A rustic chic wedding atmosphere is heartwarming, filled with organic textures and natural warm colors. There are no fixed schemes on what a rustic wedding should be like. In fact, couples can infuse their personality and preferences to create their own particular version.

Where are rustic weddings held?

The rustic wedding theme is usually casual and held in spaces where nature is seen. Places in the countryside, mountain lodges, barns, farms, or vineyards, are considered ideal for this type of wedding.

However, you don’t need all these components of nature to have a rustic wedding. You could even plan one in a five-star hotel, a renaissance villa or in a medieval castle courtyard. Using the proper elements of décor will be enough to create a romantic, natural, rustic vibe.

Décor trends for a rustic wedding

The decoration for a rustic-chic wedding displays natural, earthy, and simple features and decorations. It is all about a relaxed atmosphere and soothing neutral tones.

The stylish theme for a rustic wedding involves unique woven elements, wild floral-adorned tables, artistic jars and containers, wooden backdrops, and sometimes fruits. Let us not forget frames, chalkboards, and mirrors that can add an ornate elegance to any space without taking over the scenery. Some additions to the gardens and grounds like fabric and lanterns hanging from the trees can create a beautiful atmosphere. A piece of good news for the wine lovers: Wine barrels and cork pieces are all a great addition to your décor wedding.

Rustic is synonymous with comfort. There is no better way to add a rustic vibe to your wedding than by creating a chill-out area outside with tents, blankets, and cushions for when your guests need a little break from dancing.

Keep your colors

Rustic weddings are more associated with neutral and muted color palette-classic colors like white or ivory mixed with earthy colors like beige or green for a natural feel. But if you think these shades do not match your personality, add your choice of colors. Like we said before, there are no fixed schemes for rustic weddings.

In fact, bare wooden tables never look more stunning than when decorated with opulent jewel tones. Any touch of these colors- vivid blues and lavender, marsala and amber, burgundy and scarlet – will create a bold but enchanting atmosphere. Natural greenery as sage green, eucalyptus, olive branches is a great addition. If you want to add some glamour, vintage elements with bronze, gold, silver, or brass fixtures are a great accompaniment.

Last but not least...

  • - For your bouquet, avoid flowers that sit neatly
  • - Ditch the table cloths. Bare wooden tables with runners (either of flowers or linen) are all you need
  • - Say It With a Sign (on wood or chalkboard) Welcome signs, directional signs, Cocktail party bar list, etc…
  • - Use Fairy Lights, string lights, twinkling canopy, bulb lights…
  • - Decorate with Light-Up Letters
  • - Opt for a naked cake, i.e, intentionally unfinished look