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The ten most beautiful churches for a catholic wedding in Rome

Rome, often called the eternal city, is unique in its style and its millenary history. Rome has been for centuries, one of the most well-known cities in the world. Aside from its glorious past, it is by excellence, the capital of romance, passion, and love.

Rome is also the world capital of churches, home of stunning religious architecture. It has over 900 churches, and there is often more than one on the same block. Why so many? Let us not forget that Rome gave birth to the Catholicism. During the medieval era, wealthy and influential families were building their own churches on a grand scale to feature magnificent art and compete with each other as who will create the most beautiful church.

Many foreign couples choose Rome as a destination wedding for the spirit of Christianity that this city evokes. If you dream of a Catholic wedding in Italy, you will have lots of choices. You could host your ceremony in one of the fantastic early Christian Basilica or one of the many Baroque churches. And the good news? Religious Roman Catholic wedding ceremonies in Rome are legally recognized in any country.

Now, let us go together through the list of the most requested churches for weddings in Rome.

San Pietro in Montorio

If you have a refined and sophisticated wedding in mind, look no further than the Basilica San Pietro in Montorio. Built in the 15th century, this majestic Basilica is one of Rome’s most requested churches for two reasons. One is the incredible view it offers from the Janiculum hill, and second for the legend according to which it rises at the exact spot where St Peter was crucified upside down.

The Church of San Pietro in Montorio consists of a large three-bay nave and holds many renaissance art and frescoes. The Basilica’s particularity is the columns, all made with a different type of marble revealing ten beautiful chapels- five on each side- one of them entirely designed by Bernini.

But the real architectural jewel lays in the outer cloister: a small circular and perfect temple designed by Donato Bramante that will make the most stunning backdrop for your pictures.

Basilica San Giovanni e Paolo al Celio

This Basilica is located in Rome, on one of the seven hills, the Celio, a few steps from the Colosseum. This strategic position, combined with the beautiful architecture and the large indoor and outdoor spaces, makes it one of the most requested churches for weddings.

The Basilica was built in the 4th-century and then restored later. On the outside, it has a very simple facade of early Christian origin remodeled over the centuries. On the inside, it has the opulent character of the Baroque style with a central nave of 44 meters long! This mix makes it a unique church that stands out for its magnificence.

Known as “the church of the chandeliers” for the impressive number of chandeliers that decorate it, it is also home to a majestic pipe organ dating back to 1856. If you dream of a grand and royal wedding, then this church is the perfect one for you.

Mausoleo di Santa Costanza

Santa Costanza is an ancient mausoleum built around the middle of the 4th-century that was later converted into a church. When you walk in, you are struck by how imposing and solemn is this church, and you understand why it is in high demand for weddings.

The interior, consisting of a circular corridor covered by a barrel vault decorated with exquisite 4th-century mosaics and a central space surrounded by twelve paired granite Corinthians columns, is dominated by a dome of 22.50 m in diameter!

As the Mausoleum of Santa Costanza develops circularly, it makes it undoubtedly one of the most characteristic churches to celebrate a wedding in Rome. This particular structure allows your guests to participate in the ceremony more intimately, forming a circle around you that helps constant eye communication.

Basilica of Santa Sabina

Dating from the 5th century and beautifully situated high atop the Aventine hill, the Basilica of Santa Sabina enjoys one of Rome’s most scenic locations. Completely surrounded by greenery as it is adjacent to the romantic “Orange garden,” and enjoying a breathtaking view of the city, this church offers a perfect spot for stunning pictures.

The first impression you get when you enter is of a vast empty space, dominated by the superb marble colonnade that crosses the central nave, and the beautiful light you find inside. The mullioned windows made of selenite brilliantly illuminates the Basilica. The interior has preserved its original plan and simplicity. Unlike many other Basilicas decorated somewhat lavishly, the architecture of Saint Sabina is relatively pure and straightforward in Romanesque style.

This solemn Basilica, one of Rome’s most beautiful early Christian churches, is your choice if you are looking for a breathtaking and suggestive atmosphere for your wedding.

ST Anna in Vaticano

If you would like to get married within the Vatican walls, I will suggest the Church of Sant’Anna. This lovely church is the first one you come across after entering Vatican City from Porta Sant’Anna, an international border crossing between the Vatican City State and Italy.

It stands a stone’s throw from the solemn colonnade of San Peter’s square, Bernini’s masterpiece, and the castle of Sant’Angelo. These magnificent monumental masterpieces will be a unique backdrop for your pictures.

This church’s fantastic baroque building is dedicated to the mother of the Virgin Mary and has a spectacular elliptical interior decorated with frescos and gilded stuccos. Being a bit separated from the most touristic areas of the Vatican, many couples choose this church because it offers a more intimate and warm atmosphere.

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Dating back to around 350 AD, the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere is considered the most ancient Church of Rome. It is located on a small square in one of the city’s most historic Rome districts: Trastevere, a charming and very lively bohemian neighborhood on the west bank of the Tiber.

The church’s exterior is famous for the stunning golden mosaics on its facade and its bell tower, which dates from the twelfth century. The interior is classically divided into three naves and incorporates ancient Roman columns. Inside, the ceiling made of wood essence artfully designed, and the restored dazzling Byzantine mosaics on the apse vault and triumphal arch are of striking beauty.

The beautiful 17th-century octagonal fountain, outside the church, is the perfect place to take stunning pictures after your wedding and get a glimpse of Rome’s oldest district’s charming atmosphere.

Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara Coeli

Built on the highest point of the Capitoline Hill, in Rome’s sacred and historic site, this Basilica of the 6th-century is one of the most beautiful and suggestive churches for a Catholic wedding in the capital.

The Basilica is located in an elevated position, and the main entrance is at the top of a monumental and very steep staircase consisting of 124 steps! On the wedding day, the bride must access the church from the main entrance. Therefore she must arm herself with patience (and comfortable heels) to face the entire staircase to reach the Basilica.

But the effort is worth it. Your guests will be thrilled both by the view and the beauty of this church. The panorama offered at the top is breathtaking and will be a stunning background for pictures after your ceremony.

The austere brown façade of the Basilica is in sharp contrast with the inside that is richly decorated in Baroque style and adorned with paintings and sculptures of great historical value. It even boasts 15th-century Pinturicchio frescoes. The dimensions are imposing, with a central nave 44 meters long surmounted by a finely worked wooden coffered ceiling, making it the ideal church for a glamorous wedding.

Santa Cecilia in Trastevere

Suppose you are looking for something evocative and, at the same time, intimate and romantic while remaining in the historic center. In that case, you can consider ​​getting married in the Church of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere hidden among the alleys of the famous and popular Trastevere district. This suggestive church, whose structure originated in the 5th century, has been remodeled over time. Much of what we see today dates back to the 16th-17th centuries and is in Baroque style. Not, for this reason, this Basilica has lost its charm. The frescoes, present behind the altar and on the ceiling, are of disconcerting beauty.

There is one thing that sets apart Santa Cecilia from other baroque Churches: the large entrance courtyard that remains hidden and features in the center a beautiful fountain.

Basilica dei Santi XII Apostoli

The Basilica of Santi XII Apostoli has a neoclassical facade preceded by a majestic fifteenth-century portico, its most apparent attraction with Renaissance arches. It is the only Basilica in Rome that was not built on pre-existing Roman buildings. Not far from the Trevi Fountain, it is hidden and not very known.

Words cannot appropriately describe the level of grandeur and solemnity this place hosts. It is beautiful, breathtaking and above all else, impressive with a spectacular architecture. Inside, the most important works are the fresco on the vault. The interior, divided into three large naves by Corinthian pilasters, with three chapels on each side, is shining of remarkable decorations and frescoes.

This church’s fantastic baroque building is dedicated to the mother of the Virgin Mary and has a spectacular elliptical interior decorated with frescos and gilded stuccos. Being a bit separated from the most touristic areas of the Vatican, many couples choose this church because it offers a more intimate and warm atmosphere.

Basilica di Santa Francesca Romana

Another beautiful alternative in Rome’s center to celebrate your wedding is the Church of Santa Francesca Romana. Located between the Roman Forum and the Temple of Venus, this church has undoubtedly a unique and suggestive background of the ancient Roman ruins that will be amazing for your wedding pictures.

The Church of Santa Francesca Romana dates back to the 9th century but was renovated in 1600. No wonder the Baroque style is the one that predominates the interior and the facade itself. The interior is structured on a single nave and has a coffered wooden ceiling. This church is perfect for you if you like the idea of ​​walking to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill to take photos (bring with you comfortable shoes!). It is, in fact, less than 400 meters from these historical attractions.

There are so many churches in Rome to choose from. Whether you will be holding an intimate wedding or a large one, we will help find the perfect one for you and guide you all the way through the planning.
It is essential to fix the date of your event at least one year in advance, to make sure the church of your dreams is not already taken on the day you prefer.