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Tips to plan your destination wedding in Italy

Read Anna’s invaluable advice below, and do feel free to get in touch with Just Amore if you would like to learn more about a possible dream Italian wedding.

Don’t assume it will be cheaper

If you think that holding a destination wedding in Italy will be less expensive than at home, I am sorry to tell you that this may not be the case. I can understand the notion of couples getting tempted to make the occasion as beautiful as possible, but even chasing dreams can be daunting. We receive a lot of emails from couples who compare prices with other wedding planners in their home country. What I would say is that you have to understand that home falls in another tangent and should not be compared to a destination wedding in Italy. So, try to look at the positives and be optimistic with your expectations. Think about why you want a wedding in Italy and ask yourselves these questions:

What style/setting appeals to you?

How imperative to you is the climate?

How many guests will you invite?

Which city do you prefer?

Hire a wedding planner who knows about Italy

Being carried away with all the shimmering factors of wedding is inevitable.

Forgetting important elements or feeling that you are wasting time can be challenging. Doing your homework, preparing a budget, choosing the wedding dress, finalising the arrangements, picking out flowers, getting right down to the minute details, preparing the menu, making hotel bookings and narrowing down the venue all take a lot longer than you may first think. This is when a wedding planner can be so useful. You need someone who is aware of the local laws of Italy; the formalities, paperwork and timeframes. The wedding planner will help you hire local vendors who know the region where they will be working and are able to handle any unexpected problem better than a supplier who comes from abroad.

Plan a visit to Italy to check the venues before the wedding

Your wedding planner will arrange for you to visit the venues you have preselected together. It is better to see each one with your own eyes so that you can select the one that best fits your vision for your dream day.

Embrace the local culture

I totally understand you will want to incorporate some of your culture’s wedding traditions on your wedding day. I think it is amazing to honour your roots. But in a destination wedding, the whole point is to offer a different experience to your guests. So, I encourage my clients to also give a local touch to their event; not only with food, but with music and folklore and, why not some Italian wedding traditions?