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Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Your wedding lasts one day, but the photos capturing this special event will last forever. Don’t you want this forever to be perfect?

I believe that a wedding photographer is one of the most critical suppliers you will have to choose as he will be the one that captures all those priceless little moments of your big day. I realize that sometimes your choice might be influenced by a restraint budget, but my advice to you is “do not compromise”!

After all, these photos will be the only tangible things that will remind you of your wedding day.

Before getting to the heart of the subject, this questionnaire assumes that you have already checked the work of the wedding photographers you will be interviewing through their website and social media.

Each couple has their preferred shooting style -traditional, reportage, artistic or film documentary- and you have probably identified yourself with their artistic vision. You have felt the emotions captured by their pictures and were positively impressed by the combination of their natural creativity, professionalism, and experience. You had sensed how good they were when each wedding picture you looked at told you its unique story.

Moreover, last but not least, you went through the testimonies and ratings of past clients to know what to expect, and to make sure the photographer is really who he says he is. After all this intensive research, you have narrowed down your list to 2 or 3 potential photographers.

At this point, I can’t stress enough how important it is to meet them personally or through video chat. Why? Because they will be spending the whole wedding day with you sharing some of your most intimate and personal moments, so it is crucial you feel at ease having them around you. This chat will help you understand if you have a positive connection with them, if they listen and address all your concerns and, ultimately, if you can trust them to capture one of the most important days of your life.

Now that you are set to meet the photographers whose portfolio you love, what should you ask? Here I present the questions that will be most useful to make that decision.

Do you run a business legally?

Regardless of the level of experience of a wedding supplier, there is a risk in doing business with a person who does not have their government diligence up to date. The fact of being registered makes the claim process easier in case of default, but above all, it denotes professionalism and a long-term commitment to keep operating as a business.

How many years of experience do you have when photographing weddings?
Do you know my wedding venue?

Essential! There is nothing wrong with booking a newbie photographer if you like his work and have signed a contract that guarantees his services. However, it is necessary to know the experience with which your photographer comes. You do not want surprises!

Bonus points if the photographer belongs to a professional association that certifies or accredits the member as PPA, WPPI, WPJA, BIPP…

It is important to know if your photographer knows your venue and better yet, if he has shot a wedding there. Otherwise it would be a good idea for him to go scouting the venue the day before to get the feeling of the spaces and find the best spots for pictures.

Do you do more than one event per day? Who photographs my wedding?
Will it be you or your associates?
Do you have time restrictions? Do you charge for overtime?

Like other wedding suppliers, some photographers cover more than one event a day. If this is the case, it is essential to know his agenda and be aware of how many hours he will stay with you. Even in perfectly coordinated weddings, there may be delays or last-minute changes that could create conflict with other work of the photographer. For example, imagine for a second that you cannot stop your sister or your childhood friend to go on and on with an emotional speech during dinner (and oh boy! How many times does this happen despite imposing a time frame ). How would you feel if your photographer tells you that he cannot hang out anymore that extra half hour to film your first dance?

Another risk, when there is more than one contract on the same day, is that you might end up having one of the associates or a sub-hired photographer capturing your event. So It is important to know in advance who will be photographing your wedding.

Do you add travel rates? Are there any hidden costs?

Again you do not want any surprises about hidden costs. The contract should stipulate everything. You need to know in advance if you have to pay for petrol, overnight stay or any travel cost. Italy is a big country. If the photographer you fancy is based in the Como area and your wedding is in Sicily, then you want to make sure that the agreement covers all expenses.

What will be your attire?

It might look as if this an irrelevant question but in my professional opinion you do want to pop this one. Your photographer has to blend in and have an outfit that is elegant but comfortable and should avoid jeans and t-shirt even if your marriage is informal. Discuss the style of your wedding and tell about any religious or cultural requirements you might have for attire.

After how long will I get my pictures? Will it be in high-resolution ready for printing?
Do you own the copyrights? Is there any restrictions for sharing, publication or printing?

It should be clear to you when and how you will receive your pictures after your wedding. Some photographers will need 4 to 6 months. You will also want to know if the images will be retouched and ready for printing. Some couples like to have all the wedding pictures that were shot and not only the ones selected by the photographer. Check what the conditions are to get all the copies and make sure you have a license for unlimited printing.

Another essential thing to know is if you need your photographer’s permission to use your wedding pictures or share them online -especially if you are a social media fan!

If you do not want to go through the exhaustive search for your perfect wedding photographer,
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