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How do you treat your wedding guests to a personal welcome bag?

We have seen in modern times the latest wedding day must-have, a welcome bag for your courteous guests. But how do you welcome your guests to your Big Day and add your personal touch when a destination wedding venue these days requires a lot of careful planning and when your ideal location is Italy?

For a contemporary and youthful flair at your event in Italy, Just Amore Weddings by Anna K. gets more creative with few ways to show your guests who have travelled a long distance to attend your nuptials that Welcome Bags have taken on a life of their own in marriage receptions. Trust us, every attendee will feel special on your big day because you will not be able to greet all your guests upon their arrival: a Welcome Bag will be your way of greeting them and expressing how glad you are that they made it to your wedding.

Few of your favorite thing

Some brides prefer to add their personal touch by including items they love with their fiancé. Sometimes, it can be a book, or a signature Italian sweet, or a mix of favorite beats. Or it can be your names engraved in white or gold on a wooden box.

Just make sure to give your guests a fun and creative note explaining about the significance of each item.

The wedding schedule and/or maps

Since most of your guests will attend from overseas and will have many activities to share, it is important to ensure your guests know where they should be during the wedding festivities.

So, you may wish to include a helpful schedule for the events and essential information such as dress code, parking, menu, and a small map.

Italian items

A great way to personalize your wedding welcome bags is to add few local items or themed items. For example, if you are having your wedding in Tuscany, we will suggest to include a Chianti or a Brunello di Montepulciano wine bottles. If your destination wedding in Italy is the Amalfi coast then a bottle of Limoncello. Or you can offer a sachet of special Italian spices to prepare spaghettis or risottos – You can always get a bit fancier and print your own custom labels for each!

Something sweet, something salty

In addition to the enchanting Italian wine, we prefer to also make sure your welcome bag has a salty snack like the famous italian “tarallis”.

Don’t forget to also include a sweet option with some “confetti”, these sugar coated almond treats that are so popular in Italy.

Choose your favourite flavours between the many options and we will wrap them for you into a tulle bag or a transparent box.

Some useful items

Items like sunscreen, lip balm, basic medication, or clean wipes may come in handy for your guests during your wedding celebrations. Your out-of-town guests will appreciate the additional essentials.

Small guide to Italian etiquette

For the latest in style, fashion, social trends or funny facts about Italy and the Italian way. Add on some useful Italian words to make it perfect!

Info on local events

You can be sure your guests are going to appreciate when they receive your wedding welcome bag with some pamphlets of information on local activities they will enjoy or on events such as an Opera concert or a sports match.You can add your favourite restaurant in town and some special spots that you think they can’t miss.

A custom Italian mini tote

For the couple who chose Italy as their wedding destination, give your welcome bag a timeless appeal. A customized tote can include your names in a colored one or a big tote with a special touch for your guests to use later on in life on other occasions. Just Amore will give your welcome bag a location-specific design and suggest fun ideas.

We can either leave these welcome bags for your guests at the hotel’s front desk and they can grab them when they check in or we arrange to have them distributed at an event, such as the rehearsal dinner. Just Amore will make sure that your guests will feel right at home with all the little things placed with “Amore” in your Welcome Bags. For our bride and groom, it will be nice to see that even the most traditional weddings can be small and intimate without losing its traditional feel and charm. In either way, it is about creating lifetime wedding memories.