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What's your wedding style?

It all starts with what I call the dreaming phase. Close your eyes and picture your vision of your wedding.

What do you dream of? What inspires you?

In this day and age, couples want their wedding to reflect their personalities. So determine what appeals most to you and share your vision with us to help you create the perfect event that best reflects your style.

There are so many themes and wedding styles to chose from:

There are so many themes and wedding styles to chose from: romantic, bohemian, classic, traditional, and modern. And we know that for each of these types, there are different styles of wedding dresses, line of accessories, flower decorations, vendors, and let us remind you, the gorgeous cluster of Italian venues.

We sample below wedding styles in order for you to discover your own.

Are you a romantic bride?

Do you like star-gazing and day-dreaming?
Are you a strong believer in happily ever after?
Do you want the aisle strewn with petals?
Do you like the whisper-soft blush and ivory color palette?

Are you a Boho bride?

Do you lead an unconventional lifestyle that you wish to reflect on your wedding day?
Do you like the mish mash of styles and tastes as well as wild flowers?
Do you have a relaxed and carefree attitude about life?
Does your style scream effortless and loose?

Are you a classic bride?

Do you like understated and simple elegance with a sense of tradition?
Do you like clean lines and un-assuming details with muted colors of ivory and cream?
How do you define beauty? Is your style timeless?

Are you a traditional bride?

Do you like to embellish your wedding dinner with traditional quotes and speeches?
Do you like a traditional beauty look?
Do you like your wedding dress to be full-length with a long train?
Do you like jewelry pieces from your family heirloom?

Are you a modern bride?

Do you like bold colors?
Are you in favor of a sheer and sweet dress withou a veil?
Are you a fearless woman who shies away from the traditional ad embraces the original trends?
Do you want to convey your stunnng and glamorous side?
Just Amore will work with you to achieve the wedding style you choose and help you create your own mood board.

So, what is a mood board?

Let’s get clear. A mood board is not a Pinterest board. A Pinterest board is just a ”bric-a-brac” of ideas that aren’t even yours and that can end up confusing you. On the other hand, a mood board is built on your own visual imagination: this unique wedding style you imagined with your closed eyes, the one that is “so you”

Lend your vision to Just Amore and we will move to work on your wedding from inspiration to reality. Stay with us as we help you create your mood board for your dream wedding in our Mood Board article…