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Yumiao & Zvi

A lovely event in Castello di Tor Crescenza

Yumiao and Zvi decided to get married on 02/02/2020 in Rome. Yumiao is Chinese, and Zvi is American. Their love story stretched over the continents for some time before they both decided to settle in Shanghai. They contacted me from China to organize a meeting in Italy and check some venues. We had a few days to settle everything and decide all the vendors. They knew exactly what they wanted. A prestigious historic place to host their day event, a top of the notch caterer, and a talented photographer to immortalize their event.

After scouting a few venues, the castle of Tor Crescenza set not far from the center of Rome, captured Yumiao and Zvi’s hearts. This magnificent medieval fortress, in Renaissance style, completely restored and renovated, rich in history and works of art, is still inhabited by an old noble family and is protected by the Superintendency of Fine Arts. The exterior of the castle is impressive, with two side towers bordered by classic crenelated edges and an avenue leading to gardens full of statues and fountains. At the center, a drawbridge in perfect medieval-style allows access to two large beautiful courtyards covered by glass roofs, the magnificent rooms, and the gorgeous verandas. The interiors are finely and richly furnished with polished marble floors and slabs, frescoes, and work of art of great value.

Yumiao decided to get ready in the stunning Terrazza del Presidente overlooking the manicured gardens of the castle and Zvi in one of the majestic rooms. Even though we were in February, the weather was mild, with temperatures around 16 degrees Celsius. The ceremony took place in the gardens, the wedding lunch in one of the courtyard-originally a winter garden- while the other courtyard was hosting the party. The elegant setting was completed with minimalist centerpieces with a red touch to honor the Chinese side of Yumiao.